Our formula

Flying Wine Buyer is founded in 2007 by Certified Wine Expert Ron Andes MV. We share our specialization in Global Wine Sourcing & Broking

Sourcing: Flying Wine Buyer filters the best quality out of the international offer in wines. This timesaving selection gives purchasers direct access to eminent products. We help distributors worldwide in getting access to the best wines and moreover, this service is free of charge.

Broking: Flying Wine Buyer creates straight contacts between importers and producers. As independant broker we create new outlet for selected fine wine producers. Producers saves in expenses and time. Our credo: "stick to the business where in you are the expert."

After 30 years of experience in the trade, Ron Andes MV has a lot of special trumps; He is an independant wine expert with the highest degree in wine: MV (Magister Vini) the Dutch equivalent of Master of Wine. He also possesses the title Certified Registered Wine Appraiser & Broker in Wines. Flying Wine Buyer has a worldwide network of keyplayers and decision makers in the wine trade. "you are who you know"

As allrounder in the trade, Flying Wine Buyers uses his network, knowledge and experience to offer selected wines to buyers worldwide, free of charge! Our customers are importers, hotel chains, wine shops, monopolies and aircraft catering companies.

Thanks to this unique concept, both importer and producer will save in expenses and time.

"For my Doctoral Thesis, I went to Piemonte. During this stages the legendairy Angelo Gaja taught me that less than 2% of the total world wine production deserved to be called "quality wine', but few buyers seems to have the ability to recognize and distinguish them. That's why Flying Wine Buyer started his service of sourcing (identify good wine and track it down) and broking (helping producers of these wines in finding outlet)."