Our services:

Tenders: As it's our job to match producers with importers we are quite successful in international tenders. We bring producers straight in contact with monopolies, airlines companies, chains and global wine importers. Actually we are active in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Malta, Turkey, Malta, Canada, USA, Asia...etc.

Sourcing: Flying Wine Buyer filters the best quality out of the international offer in wines. This timesaving selection gives purchasers direct access to eminent products. We help distributors worldwide in getting access to the best wines and moreover, this service is free of charge.
• Selecting the highest quality wines for the right
• Global Wine Consultant

Broking: Flying Wine Buyer brings wine producers in straight contacts with buyers. As independent broker we create new outlet for producers, we selected for their quality. They will get better results and save in expenses and time. Our credo: stick to the business where in you are the experts.
• Development of new distribution.
• Agreements of exclusive importership

• Interpretation of promotions
• Making timesheets which include goals, possible allocations, promotion periods and orders
• Supervision of a correct registration of the deals that are made, both in English and Dutch.

• Relation managements between producer and importers
• Product management
• Category management
• Interim management
• Dealing of annual meetings