Our methods:

"First, identify a good wine and than track it down"

Flying Wine Buyer filters out of the global wine offer the best deals and selects them for buyers. Instead of being constantly in contact with hundreds of potential suppliers, the buyer is able to make the right decision in a short time. As he is not involved with the pre-selection, he will be saved of all this time consuming communication.

• A frequent contact will be maintained with several important importers on a personal basis
• The most important international fairs will be attended and producers in their own region will be visited

Selection and mediation
• Evaluation of the opportunities which can match the strategic goal to determine the right product choice or (exclusive label) and price and manner of promotion
• After a potential importer is found, a offer with samples will follow

• Wines will be tasted analytically. New vintages and blends will always be sampled and tasted
• With large volumes, the producers will be advised about the desired style and taste
• Permanent education

• Consultation and clear engagement with those in charge within the organization to make clear agreements
• Agreements / contracts will be made for a longer period of time so all persons involved will get the best results.
• Good deals will be translated in commercial opportunities for importers.