Our qualifications:

The keys to our success:

Specialization skills : Ron Andes is a MV, the Dutch equivalent of Master of Wine. He's also a licensed & certified Registered Appraiser & Broker in Wine. 

Experience: Ron Andes MV is over 30 years working in the international wine trade.

tasting ability: With gaining both titles MV (see: http://www.magistervini.nl) and RWTM Andes has demonstrated his extraordinary tasting ability so he's able to distinguish qualities and moreover to give it a right valuation.

Network: Andes speaks 5 languages, which gives him access to a rare and large international network. A lot of our contacts we establish on the internet because we are members of many wine portals, wine buyers clubs, communities and internet platforms like LinkedIn. Our network, with both buyers and producers is the key to our success, because we believe: "you are who you know and we have interesting contacts we want to share!"

Other competences:
• Excellent knowledge of the wine trade
• Juridical certificated to exercise appraising in wine and to practice broking
• As broker we know about supply and demand.

• We are skilled in recording agreements and valuations systematically
• We master both the Dutch, English, French and German language and jargon
• Andes is teacher "Italian Wines" at the Dutch Academy of Wine (level WSET-4; Diploma in wines)

• Member of the examining board of Magister Vini (level Master of Wine)

• Our network contains key players of the international wine trade
• Member of the Dutch Association of Agents (www.va-branche.nl)
• Member of the College of Registered Appraiser & brokers in Wine (www.rwtm.nl)
• Member of the Federation of Appraisers, Brokers & Auction holders in movables (www.federatie-tmv.nl)
• Certified by Hobéon SKO Certificatie (www.skocert.nl )
• Lid Alliance of Dutch Intermediary (www.vnt.org.nl)
• Close relation with PR and free publicity specialist (www.ckmp.nl )
• Excellent contact with wine journalists.


Member of the Board
• President of the Dutch Wine Academie (www.wijnacademie.nl)

• Chairman of the Dutch Royal Union of Independent Wine & Liquor shops (www.slijtersunie.nl)
• Chairman of the Institute of Magister Vini (www.magistervini.com)
• Product Board of Wines (http://wijn.nl/?grp=1 )
• Product Board of Alcoholic Beverages (http://www.productschapdranken.nl/)


International contacts
• Connected with over 50 leading wine - communities
• OIV- Organisation International de la Vigne et du Vin (www.oiv.int/uk/accueil/index.php)
• CEEV- Comité Vins (Comité Européen des entreprises vins) http://www.ceev.be/en/who.php
• FIVS-Fédération Internationale des Vins et Spiritueux (http://fivs.org/home.htm )
• EFWSID-European Federation of Wine and Spirit Importers and Distributors
• WSA-Wines and Spirits Trade Association (www.wsta.co.uk/)
• IVSC- International Valuation Standards Council (www.ivsc.org/standards/index.html)
• WWTG-World Wine Trade Group http://www.wwtg-gmcv.org/
• GWS-Global Wine & Spirits (www.globalwinespirits.com )



• 30 years of experience in the trade; horeca, retail, purchase, agency & broking.
• Taster at VWA (Food Inspection Department)
• Experienced in tasting raw wines from the barrel.
• Turnover> € 20 mililon
• Used to work individually

Attractive conditions.
• Free selection for buyers
• flexibel and independent